I found a shiny penny on the sidewalk. I was walking home from window shopping, admiring all of the things that I could now afford. I came home without any of those items, one clip of a cigarette that I found on the street, and then – the penny. Crazy at it sounds, in that moment I knew that the penny was a sign from God. A penny will always be my special connection to Him. He was telling me to keep the faith – – to continue to trust in Him.
“Don’t ever fear…I got you.”
A found penny…rescued from the soles of shoes unaware of the fortune that they are stepping on, stepping over….
of the broken-hearted, broken-down souls among them
in need of hope
that can only come right on time…in the form of
a penny.

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God gave us dominion over all small creatures. But we could learn lessons from them. As I sat on a park bench, a field mouse darted out from underneath and scampered about, around my feet. He got so close, darting to and fro, without a concern about the would-be danger that was me. Survival? In the hunt for food? Perhaps…but he showed little concern for possible demise in this crowded arena with feet stomping all around.

He had no fear.

As I sat, recounting all of the times in recent past that I let the fear in my mind immobilize me, depress me, wreck me…I felt nothing but gratitude for the observation that God provided to remind me that there’s no need to fear tomorrow because He is already there.

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Love Letters to Self

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

Love Letter #1

October 27, 2015

Dear Michelle,

I am writing this love letter to you because lately, you’ve been feeling quite beat up by life.  Recently, you felt so badly about life and yourself, that you allowed someone to beat you up, literally.  I want to remind you of the daily mantra that you used to say each morning in the car on the way to work:

“You are beautiful, stylish, sexy, desired, and loved.”  

Please do not dwell on any of the negative adjectives used to describe you.  Please remind yourself each day how fabulous you are.  As your vibration rises and your light brightens, you will feel better and better…until it becomes a part of you and you truly believe it.

Love Always,


Love Letter #2

October 31, 2015

Dear Michelle,

I am writing this love letter to you as a reminder of your greatness, simply because you are God’s creation.  You have come so far on your emotional journey.  Always remember that you create your own happiness.  Never be afraid…you are not alone.

Love Always,


Love Letter #3

November 1, 2015

Dear Michelle,

I am writing this love letter to you to let you know that even though you are in pain and crying, you are doing a wonderful job at healing yourself.  Treat yourself kindly and gently.  Wait on God and always remember how fabulous you are.

Love Always,


Love Letter #4

November 20, 2015

Dear Michelle,

It’s been some time since I last wrote to you.  I have been pleasantly occupied with healing, reading, writing, discovering, praying, meditating, walking, resting, and creating!  Naturally, there have been some tears along the way but I like to think that they were cleansing ones.

I was inspired to write to you today to tell you that you look beautiful and you seem fabulous!  Your light shines and others see and feel your positive energy.  I can actually sense all of the blessings that are on their way to you right now!  I am so happy for you now that you have re-discovered “the light”.

Love Always,


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Ode To O.


He protects me in the standoffish way that a true brother would.

He craves my affection the way a son would.

His feline ways are inherently feminine yet he spars with his chihuahua “sibling” like a true tomboy (tomcat?)

In the midst of the mosh pit that had become my life I was unable to care for Osiris despite my love and gratitude for him.

Now, I embrace the fact that loving people are caring for him until he can return home.

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“Becoming” actually feels like an energy growing within me from the base of my spine up through my insides – – like a creativity that has been sleeping, now awakened.  The color is yellow and it feels feminine.  The fabric of my life experience broadens, yet simultaneously, the weave of the fabric tightens.  In God’s magnificent fabric, each individual is “becoming” in his or her own way, yet we are all interconnected.

Recently, I began practicing Sahaja Meditation (  My local library offered free group classes so I gave it a try.  My previous experiences with meditation proved unfulfilling, as my mind is typically like a kindergarten classroom.  As I would try to empty my mind, thoughts and emotions would intrude and I would give up until the next fruitless attempt years later.  The old adage:  “When the student is ready the teacher will come” may be true in my case because during this challenging time in my life, Sahaja entered and after only a few sessions, I haven’t been the same.  The effects are subtle…

“Becoming” feels like an ascent – – within me, and

me … rising up to new fulfilling heights.


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Fragrance Review! Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s “Al-Azif”

In the bottle and on wrist:  spicy, light, green, earthy undertones;  cocoa?coffee?

Layered again on wrist 15 minutes later:

I am transported to a Middle-eastern spice market where there are textiles blowing above my head in the breeze.  The breeze is warm and moist despite the desert climate and the air is heavy with the scent of coffee, cocoa, paprika, mace, and several different kinds of curries.  I wade through the crowds as vendors advertise their wares of colorful beaded jewelry, terracotta-colored pottery, and cookware….

My cousin Lisa can create with these exceptionally beautiful fabrics and beads…Millie can work magic in the kitchen with these delicious spices…I LOVE wearing ‘Al-Azif’…I sniff myself all day with this one! Way-to-go BPAL!!!  (

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I have been living in the Bronx for over 21 years.  Yesterday, I took a different way home by foot and came upon the Henry Hudson Memorial Park that I never knew existed, much less a stone’s throw away from home!  I was awestruck – – the fall foliage was simply breathtaking.  I took several pictures, none of which did the experience justice.

I will post pictures soon…just wanted to post about this glorious accidental discovery.



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