Cigarettes and Lollipops

I ate ten lollipops today.
A lot of sugar for a life lacking sweetness for so long.

Cloudcoat on Whitehall, beautiful obscure white sky
nothing but roofs under which happy families reside.
A lucky clip here and there… hope no one spies my now-back-pocketed pride.

On the road again towards a meeting of minds.

Someone thought to bring me breakfast. How could they have known the emptiness in my belly that is now being filled with creative thoughts and ideas?
A wordfeast.
I devour them….printed, spoken, mused.

Each morning I tell myself that the journey ahead is filled with God’s masterpieces….flora, fauna, tweets, roars, screeching, laughter, movement, yelling, chatting, gusts, whirls, fog, drops.

In reality, I troll for treasures lying in the street and treats gratis at the same locale
where I stand in hopes of a miracle. One day soon something will change
in the direction of my visualizations and desires.

Until then, cigarettes and lollipops it will be.

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