“Becoming” actually feels like an energy growing within me from the base of my spine up through my insides – – like a creativity that has been sleeping, now awakened.  The color is yellow and it feels feminine.  The fabric of my life experience broadens, yet simultaneously, the weave of the fabric tightens.  In God’s magnificent fabric, each individual is “becoming” in his or her own way, yet we are all interconnected.

Recently, I began practicing Sahaja Meditation (  My local library offered free group classes so I gave it a try.  My previous experiences with meditation proved unfulfilling, as my mind is typically like a kindergarten classroom.  As I would try to empty my mind, thoughts and emotions would intrude and I would give up until the next fruitless attempt years later.  The old adage:  “When the student is ready the teacher will come” may be true in my case because during this challenging time in my life, Sahaja entered and after only a few sessions, I haven’t been the same.  The effects are subtle…

“Becoming” feels like an ascent – – within me, and

me … rising up to new fulfilling heights.


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