Good Deeds

On Monday, November 16, 2015, I personally experienced the power of the law of attraction at work in my life.  I had been visualizing checks and actual money – – bills – – flying out of my mailbox.  In this visualization, as I laughed, danced, tried catching all of the bills, etc. my neighbors passed by and looked at the scene in dismay.  On this particular day, one piece of mail actually contained a dollar bill, accompanied with a survey and the promise of five more dollars upon its completion and return.

The good deed part of the story:  I called someone who had been feeling very down and hopeless about life in general.  I shared my story with her, and as I told it, even before reaching the punch line, I could hear in her voice and ‘feel’ over the phone that her spirits were lifting and her hope and faith were increasing.  She laughed in a way that I hadn’t heard in a long while.

My mantra has been:  “As I receive each blessing, I will invest in the next one.”  When I received a blessing in the mail, I wanted to share it in an attempt to lift someone else up….

God bless you Millie…

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