Fragrance Review! Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s “Al-Azif”

In the bottle and on wrist:  spicy, light, green, earthy undertones;  cocoa?coffee?

Layered again on wrist 15 minutes later:

I am transported to a Middle-eastern spice market where there are textiles blowing above my head in the breeze.  The breeze is warm and moist despite the desert climate and the air is heavy with the scent of coffee, cocoa, paprika, mace, and several different kinds of curries.  I wade through the crowds as vendors advertise their wares of colorful beaded jewelry, terracotta-colored pottery, and cookware….

My cousin Lisa can create with these exceptionally beautiful fabrics and beads…Millie can work magic in the kitchen with these delicious spices…I LOVE wearing ‘Al-Azif’…I sniff myself all day with this one! Way-to-go BPAL!!!  (

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